From Terminal Illness to Passionate Advisor with Noah Kelsch – Episode 76

After facing a terminal illness for nearly a year Noah Kelsch ignited a passion within to provide a better life for his family and for clients. He was able to see that there was more to life than punching a timeclock and he knew there was something greater for him to do.

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Show Notes

  • Noah’s background – 1:28
  • How a life changing illness changed his life and career – 4:18
  • Why he lives each day with passion and purpose – 6:41
  • The 2 most important ways the movement is changing people’s lives – 8:29
  • What he did with his second chance in life – 11:45
  • How being a part of the movement is being a lighthouse to others – 13:08
  • Why we’re selling a wants product – 14:49
  • The gratitude Noah has for his wife and those that truly support him – 16:53

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