AA 018 Adam Gane

Gane’s Prosperity Process- Adam Gane – Episode 018


Tammi Brannan speaks with Adam Gane about his methods of teaching and implementing Prosperity Economics with his team in Canada.

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Links in this Episode:

The Summit – www.TheSummit4Advisors.com

Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
00:53 Adam is the son of the Gane team
01:25 Gane’s broad goal
02:22 Clarify concepts in a simple way
03:07 Is there a difference between Canadian and American clients?
04:10 Advisors use Prosperity Economics without knowing it
05:05 How Adam structures his client education
08:34 Kim’s book Live Your Life Insurance
11:44 Tools provide value
13:53 Looking past the math
15:33 How do you handle a client walking away?
17:41 Ken’s ideal client
18:26 Is it just millennial’s who are frustrated with the current system?
20:32 Ken’s takeaways from the Summit