Get Clients through Connections – Episode 027

In this episode, Tammi Brannan speaks with Todd Langford, CEO of Truth Concepts Software. They talk about the importance of connecting deeply with other advisors and your clients. They’ll also explain great ways to do that in this quick 20 minute episode.

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Links in this Episode:
Truth Concepts Software –
The Summit –

Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
00:50 Todd Langford
01:26 Key takeaway from the Summit
03:10 You need to be able to accurately tell your story, and have people connect to it.
05:04 Hobbies are just as important as your finances
06:56 Pull people in that you can connect with better
08:41 Date night at the Summit
10:10 Learn from each other as well as from the stage
12:31 Group think tank in November
15:58 Write things down to stay on track
16:18 Facebook group: Prosperity Economics Advisors
17:17 Nothing changes if nothing changes
22:21 More power in numbers