Getting Started As An Agent – Episode 104

In today’s episode Kim answers a few questions for those who are brand new agents in the industry. Now that i’m registered in my state, how do I register nationwide? How do I become attached to an insurance company? Why should I stay out of the broker-dealer defense? If you too have these doubts, you want to listen to this episode!

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Show Notes

  • Kim thanks people for their patience for the prosperity economics advisor membership site – 2:30
  • Facebook is the better place for group conversations – 3:03
  • How to get a life insurance license in one or two states? – 4:50
  • Get into the insurance website of the states where you want a license  – 5:52
  • Kim shares with us information about the insurance complaints center – 6:50
  • What resources do you need to take the license test? – 11:44
  • Kim recommends us not to have three contracts with life insurance companies – 14:45
  • The lowest level of compensation: broker level -17:30
  • The explanation of a broker-dealer – 21:40    
  • Kim shares with us some tips about the “AUM model” – 24:00


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