The Best Way To Give Forward To Your Industry – Episode 160

Kim Butler and Tammi Brannan talk about how to give forward to your business, while also helping your industry and the movement. They discuss the case of a particular advisor with almost 30 years of experience, who has reached out to both Kim and Tammi wanting to give forward. Stay tuned to learn about membership transfer and why it’s considered to be the best method of giving forward.

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Show Notes
  • Advisors with trajectory – 1:18
  • The transfer of membership – 1:53
  • The idea of being principle-based – 4:26
  • The Prosperity Economics Movement as principle-based – 4:50
  • Principles then processes – 5:38
  • Talking about transferring and transforming – 5:58
  • The membership transfer – 6:20
  • You should be attending the Truth Training – 7:00
  • The price of transforming – 7:39
  • Transforming a company – 8:00
  • Wanting to give forward to the industry – 8:32
  • A movement of integrity – 10:05

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