Go Slow, Start Small with Kim Butler – Episode 55

Kim Butler talks about a recent case study where she helped a client organize and strategize following the mantra of “go slow, start small.” Tammi and Kim go through the different steps of this plan and also share insights they’ve learned while attending CES in Las Vegas.


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Show Notes

  • What Kim and Tammi are learning at CES – 1:21
  • Helping more people in more ways – 3:51
  • Case study: Using life insurance and alternative investments – 6:16
  • The foundation is understanding the income and asset base – 8:34
  • Focusing on the monthly savings ability to fund the life insurance policy – 11:20
  • Letting the life insurance do the job of the emergency/opportunity fund – 13:40
  • Life insurance is the first product you should buy – 15:43
  • Strategies for creating cash flow investments – 18:08


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