Growth with Kim Butler – Episode 280

How can you say that you have truly grown as a person? Is it through your achievement, your wealth, or your following? If you want to experience growth, how should you take action?

For today’s episode. Tammi and Kim talk about personal and professional growth. They argue about the differences between soul service and self-service. Kim also shares a personal story on how the community of next-level people influences the growth of the other members. Additionally, Tammi and Kim share more information about the virtual summit: The Summit 4 Advisors.

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Show Notes

  • What the peanut butter and jelly triangles and story structure are
  • What you can learn from the PEM Webinar Wednesday
  • Which is easier: Making mental shifts or financial and wealth shifts?
  • What the distinction is between soul service and self-service
  • The story of having a community that has couture of next leveling people
  • What the attendees have to say about the team’s events
  • How important it is to do something to get yourself outside of your comfort zone
  • Why doing a mental shift is important
  • When the virtual summit will be

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