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Have You Considered Alternative Investments? With Stephen Ziadie and Tim Wright – Episode 102

Tim and Stephen are the owner ASR Alternative Investments. They specialize in the structuring, servicing and management of life settlements and today they talk about some of the key reasons to use alternative investments.

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Show Notes

  • Tim talks about the possibility to go to the summit – 2:36
  • The balance between tradition and innovation in their company – 4:40
  • They talk a little bit about their company – 5:20
  • They talk about their strategy in the market – 3:47
  • A key component of the way that they do business – 9:07
  • The importance of relationship building – 10:45
  • They talk about accessibility to information -11:40
  • Tim and Stephen talk about their new product -14:58
  • Alternatives are an essential component to the movement -15:40
  • What to do if you had a negative experience – 16:40
  • Stephen and Tim share with us some recommendations for advisors – 20:11

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