Having A Partner In The Business With Isis and Pedro Palicio – Episode 099

Isis and Pedro Palicio are from Florida, they are advisors and have been married for 35 years.
They share the benefits and challenges of working together.

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Show Notes

  • Pedro and Isis tell us that they have been together for 35 years – 2:25
  • How long they have been working together –  2:36
  • Pedro and Isis talk about their shared goal – 3:14
  • How did they decide to start working together? – 3:49
  • Isis tells us how she decided to have a license and be a life insurance agent – 6:04
  • They talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each other – 7:18
  • Pedro tells us that they started their own company in 2005 – 7:40
  • Isis recommends a book by Nelson Nash – 9:30
  • Pedro talks about the importance of educating people – 10:30
  • How they handle the fear when they look at a potential change – 11:54
  • They talk about which of them is the “risks taker ” – 14:10
  • One can’t succeed without the other – 14:30
  • How they handle the different perspectives that they have – 15:20
  • The power of having a partner with a different perspective and different skills – 18:10
  • They talk about the importance of separating the family life from the business life – 18:40
  • Isis talks about her hobbies -19:20
  • Pedro tells us that they are happy to work together – 22:00

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