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Having A Special Talent of Communication with Tony Braddock – Episode 226

Tammi talks with Tony Braddock who helps share his special talent of communication. You may or may not have heard of him or spoken with him already, but his goal is to reach out prior to an event of prosperity economics movement and following an event of prosperity economics movement to make sure that our services to you are on point.

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Show Notes

  • Calling you just for feedback – 3:16
  • Wanting to help you be successful – 3:53
  • Utilizing Tony’s skillsets – 5:36
  • Wait for a call from Tony – 6:37
  • Providing you with a roadmap to help your business – 9:08
  • People in the movement are truly amazing – 10:24
  • Get in touch with Tony – 11:54
  • Getting a valuation from you guys! – 13:12

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