Having An Unique Message with Elizabeth Hagenlocher – Episode 197

How do you feel about setting up a blog or setting up your social media? In today’s episode, Tammi dives into this topic with special guest Elizabeth Hagenlocher. Tammi and Elizabeth also talk about how they met each other and what is Elizabeth’s “superpower.”


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Show Notes

  • Elizabeth’s “superpower”- 1:55
  • What does Elizabeth do? – 2:50
  • Making Tammi sound like Tammi – 6:52
  • We are not aware of how smart we are – 7:17
  • Everyone has an unique message – 10:50
  • Things we have to be doing – 12:20
  • Using social media apps – 12:30
  • Reaching out to Elizabeth – 13:35
  • Life insurance licensed – 13:59
  • Helping you to impact other people – 15:16


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