Having The Grit To Move Forward – Episode 59

Grit is the essential element that pushes us through difficult times and keeps us on track as we pursue our vision. Kim and Tammi talk about why grit is so critical right now and also share insights they gained from attending the CES show in Las Vegas this year.

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Show Notes

  • Why Kim and Tammi went to the Consumer Electronics Show – 1:35
  • How Tammi found products that will help her business – 5:08
  • Why Grit is so critical right now – 9:33
  • Where artificial intelligence is going – 12:17
  • Be a mental thought leader for your clients – 14:32
  • Why Kim and Tammi go to events like CES and what they’re looking to gain – 16:35
  • The app Tammi found at CES – 18:15
  • Kim’s vision to put their company on the blockchain – 20:20
  • Why taking action is so important – 21:30

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