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How a PEM Advisor Attained High Profitability Within His First Year With Colton McGriff – Episode 139

A bright example of a success story. In today’s episode, Tammi talks with young advisor Colton McGriff, who is 26 years old, and although he has been in the business officially for only a year he has managed to achieve amazing things. He is here to share the reasons behind his success.


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Show Notes

  • Colton’s podcast – 1:56
  • Being in the business for a year – 2:39
  • Being attracted to Life Insurance – 3:59
  • Obtaining profit in business – 4:55
  • Attending his first Summit and learning new concepts – 5:46
  • Going through Truth Concepts – 6:54
  • Lessons from his dad – 7:40
  • Working with Tammi in the Blueprint Process – 8:32
  • You know that you love your work when it does not feel like work – 9:00
  • The biggest lesson – 9:41
  • Money as a medium – 10:55
  • Finding your message – 11:40
  • Money is not the most important thing in life – 12:16
  • Colton’s definition of financial success – 13:59
  • Using Truth Concepts as tools – 15:19
  • Making the first year in the business profitable – 17:27

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