How Language Can Alter Your Direction With Kim Butler – Episode 141

Can the words that we speak actually alter our reality?  In today’s podcast, Kim Butler shares with us some words that Dave Asprey thinks can have a kind of impact, changing the way you think, and consequently the way you act. So, if you believe in the power of language, you have to listen to this podcast to understand how language can alter our mindset and direction.

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Show Notes

  • A Bulletproof coffee stand – 1:52
  • Knowing a little bit more about Bulletproof Coffee – 2:42
  • A Healthy Coffee – 3:41
  • Davie Asprey’s Blog and newsletter – 4.47
  • Kim explains Davie’s specifics word choice in his blog – 5:28
  • Talking about words that make you weak – 5:50
  • Using the words “need, can’t, bad, and try” in the financial industry – 6:15
  • Attending the Summit for Advisors  – 7:24
  • How some words affect your mindset – 8:10
  • How words have a subliminal impact on our atmosphere – 8:40
  • Words that we do not want in our vocabulary – 10:26
  • How “can’t” is an extremely destructive word – 10:50
  • A story around the word “bad”- 12:22
  • Being careful with the words that we use – 14:20
  • The word “try” as an excuse for failure – 15:05
  • Discussing a positive word that Kim and Todd use – 16:14
  • Kim explains how she uses the word “both” – 16:59

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