How Money Works with Steve Minich – Episode 90

Steve has worked in the financial industry since 2005. He shares the story of his career transition and how his second career has really developed a great passion for becoming an educator in the financial industry.

He also talks about his radio show, which is designed to educate people about how to manage money.

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Show Notes

  • Steve works in the financial industry and is also an educator. – 2:15
  • Steve talks about his radio show, Smart Wealth Radio. – 2:39
  • His radio show is designed to educate people about how to be smart with money. – 4:25
  • Steve has some partners in his business and they teach people how money works. – 9:55
  • The importance of having a backup plan in business. -15:31
  • When he realized at some point that the direction of his business was all wrong. – 18:02
  • It’s not saving money if you have risk. – 18:35
  • Why we want people to be successful in life. – 21:05

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