How People Spend Their Money with Kim Butler – Episode 258

Budgeting sucks! Do you also think the same way?

In the second part of her interview with Kim Butler, Tammi and Kim continue their discussion about Untethered Aging. Together, they also talked about how people spend their money based on research. Kim also shared the top six success in living attributes. Kim and Tammi also agreed that during the start of the conversation, you should have the confidence to ask tough questions about the other person’s finances.

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Show Notes

  • Continuing the discussion about Untethered Aging – 0:19
  • The book that caused Kim to deep dive for two hours straight and stop her from what she’s doing – 3:55
  • It’s the cause, not the corporation. – 6:41
  • How do people spend their money based on research? – 9:44
  • We all know that budgeting doesn’t really work. – 11:36
  • The top six successes in living attributes. – 13:16
  • Nearly three quarters of the people are reported to be more comfortable reducing risks to ensure the safety and stability of their savings and investments even if it means the potential for lower returns. – 15:14
  • Have the confidence to ask the tough questions early in the conversation about the person’s finances. – 17:14
  • Time is one of our most valuable assets. – 20:38

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