How to Accurately Calculate Human Life Value – Episode 146

Today, Kim talks about human life value, how it is often misrepresented and miss calculated in the industry. This very important concept can be confusing for clients and even advisors resulting in people getting less value than what they should get. Stay tuned to get all the details!

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Show Notes

  • The human life value of a person based on their worth – 2:20
  • The spiritual and the financial value – 3:10
  • Kim explains how to calculate the financial human life value – 5:15
  • Another measurement to think about – 6:45
  • A story to help us understand: HLV is equal to 1 times gross worth – 7:30
  • Human life value is a lot more than just income -9:30
  • Clients usually haven’t heard of HLV – 11:40
  • Advisors have the duty to educate clients on this subject – 12:12
  • Why does the industry believe that HLV is related to net worth? 13:10
  • Humans should insure ourselves for what we are worth not what our family needs – 15:50

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