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How To Create Longevity In Your Business with Tom Young – Episode 134

A newcomer who has brought incredible change to the movement is our guest today on this new Advisor Advantage Podcast, so join us as we listen to Tammi talk with Tom Young, who is a professional with almost 40 years of experience in the industry and also one of their most recent members. Tom has already made amazing contributions to the movement and continues to offer his assistance to other advisors.

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Show Notes

  • Tom’s background – 1:45
  • Almost leaving for good – 1:58
  • Coming back to work – 3:19
  • Certified behavior consultant – 3:49
  • Life coaching and training – 4:09
  • How Nelson Nash changed his life – 5:17
  • Another door will always open  – 6:38
  • Multigenerational planning – 7:12
  • Working out every day – 10:56
  • Helping people find their why – 12:33
  • Understanding retirement planning – 13:26
  • Creating a longevity business – 15:22
  • Personal Growth as a part of a longevity business – 15:35

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