How To Explain Alternative Investments to Clients – Episode 65

As an advisor at times it can be difficult to clearly explain how alternative investments work and why they’re so important for clients to use them. In this episode Kim and Tammi talk about a couple new alternative investments and they even share how to overcome setbacks from alternative investments that went sideways.

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Show Notes

  • Unpacking alternative investments – 1:25
  • How to explain alternative investments to clients – 2:34
  • Understanding the principles of prosperity at – 3:12
  • The 2 alternative investments almost anyone can do – 4:58
  • How Kim helps clients accumulate more savings – 7:44
  • How to determine a person’s savings capability – 9:48
  • Short term growth alternative investment starting at $25k – 12:55
  • Contact Kim at to get access to these new investments – 15:26
  • How to move forward after a setback from an alternative investment company – 17:10

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