How To Get a Client Started – Episode 69

When working with new clients the success of our meetings are often determined by the quality of the questions we ask. In today’s episode Tammi asks Kim how she navigates the first appointment with a client and what she does to make it a win/win experience.

Together they’ll talk about how she finds out if the new clients are accredited investors and how begin the conversation about life insurance. This is a great episode full of wisdom for veteran advisors or those just starting out.

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Show Notes

  • Start with: What questions do you have? – 2:44
  • How to educate clients if you don’t have any content – 3:23
  • Why Kim uses silence to let clients think – 4:37
  • How Kim finds out if people are accredited investors – 6:38
  • The best way to ask if a spouse is a stay at home parent – 7:53
  • How Kim brings up the conversation about life insurance – 10:02
  • Why you shouldn’t pre-determine what clients want to learn about – 11:37
  • How to ask for referrals – 14:15
  • Setting out the next step – 16:44

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