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How to Get Into a CRM without So Much Pain – Episode 238

Kim and Tammi talk about Kim’s massive frustration over the last two weeks as she tried to move the database….she did succeed, but there were two weeks of frustration. How do I get into a CRM without so much pain? This episode will tell you how! 

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Show Notes

  • A CRM transfer – 1:38
  • Complaining about the database transition – 2:54
  • The unbelievable value of having a CRM – 3:12
  • How much time it took for the transition – 4:14
  • The learning curve – 5:42
  • Give yourself a break – 7:04
  • Talking about PEM Dynamix – 7:25
  • Salesforce and Hubspot as CRMs – 8:25
  • The PEM Dynamix crowd – 9:51
  • Find the database that works for you – 13:20
  • Learning the system and being confident – 15:54
  • It’s not just a CRM… – 19:34

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