A Great Way To Determine How to Get Results

In order to reach your highest potential as an advisor it’s imperative that you learn what makes you tick. When you know yourself better, you can build a practice that suits you better… which, of course, enables you to support your clients better.

Once you know yourself better you’ll become more adept at understanding what’s going on in your clients’ heads. It’s essential to gain insight into what drives people to take action and get results.

Years ago I discovered the quickest path to acquiring this indispensable knowledge.

The Kolbe Profile is One of My Most Favorite Business Tools 

Being a fulfilled and effective advisor is mostly learning how to get out of your own way in order to get results more consistently…for both you and your clients.

I’ll bet there are times you feel like you simply aren’t making the progress that you want. It seems like it’s a slog to get from point A to point B. I know I used to have lots of days like that. Fortunately, these days, I rarely have this experience.

If you and I are struggling to understand how we prefer to get results, think how it affects our relationship with our clients!

You can talk all day long about the opportunities in alternative investments or the value of having a safe place to store cash, but in the end it might all come to naught if your client fails to take action.

The key here, for me, is understanding how my clients prefer to take action. That’s where the Kolbe Assessment comes in.

It’s About Getting Results

Every individual marches to the beat of his or her own drum when it comes to how they get things done and how they go about achieving results…

  1. Some people have to deliberate and absorb mountains of information before they’re ready to act. It might seem like they’ll never be able to make the necessary changes to create the results they say they want.
  2. Another type might make a big show of how they’ll make the changes they say they want but when it comes to real action, they fall short.
  3. Others are great at innovation and improvisation so they may act more quickly implementing but after that initial rush of activity, they may have trouble staying on course.
  4. A fourth type loves to put a strategy into action and will make headway on achieving the action steps laid out in front of them as long as they feel they can do the job really, really well.

These types of people are behaving according to ingrained instincts that dictate how they prefer to take action. The Kolbe system recognizes four types of such instincts, and it just so happens that I’ve just loosely described them for you in the list above. Here’s how Kathy Kolbe, the founder of the Kolbe assessments, would map those four types of clients onto her system:

  1. Fact Finders
  2. Follow-Thrus
  3. QuickStarters
  4. Implementors

Taking the Kolbe Assessment yourself will give you deeper insight into the ways and workings of the human mind.

This can help in a multitude of professional and personal scenarios, but it’s also a valuable tool when it comes to communicating with clients.

Go take the Kolbe A Index right here. It only takes about 20 minutes! (This is an affiliate link and all proceeds go to the 501c3 Prosperity Economics Movement which provides our Summit event.)

Simply recognizing the four types of instincts and action modes can help you understand why clients struggle with their challenges. That understanding can help you respond to them in ways that are helpful, not judgemental.

Kolbe can give you and your team a new understanding of how to improve communication with each other and get better results.

Your new level of understanding will in turn help you in helping your clients tackle the obstacles they face. This will undoubtedly improve outcomes: and I’ve always found that makes for happy clients!

~ Kim D. H. Butler

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