How To Keep Your Mindset Positive – Bonus Episode

Kim D. H. Butler talks with Tammi Brannan about one of the most critical pieces to anyone’s success. In today’s conversation Kim shares a personal story of overcoming a mountain of challenges that would be considered overwhelming to anyone, yet she was able to succeed.

This may be one of the most important episodes to listen to this year as you’ll hear the guiding principles and insights for creating an abundant life and positive mindset.

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Show Notes

  • Why mindset is so critical – 2:50
  • Making the hard choice to have a good mindset – 5:02
  • The difference between a disciplined mindset and positive attitude – 6:10
  • The mountain of challenges Kim faced yesterday and how she overcame it – 8:15
  • Giving credit to those who help and showing gratitude – 13:23
  • Being a leader of your own thinking – 15:05
  • Being a contrarian – 17:41
  • Taking a stand and sticking to your principles – 22:00
  • Turning to a higher power and setting intention – 25:55
  • Raising your thoughts, especially in the morning – 29:35
  • You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – 31:14

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