How To Make Transitions with JD Hill – Episode 96

JD Hill has been through a lot of transitions in his financial career and he talks about what to do to prepare for a transition. He explains to us what his company “Integrity Financial Group” does and challenges that he has faced throughout the years.

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Show Notes

  • JD Hill’s location and business – 1:43
  • 10 years in the industry of advertising – 2:05
  • Challenges that he has gone through the years – 3:03
  • JD Hill shares with us what pushes him to keep on forward- 6:19
  • He got into the business looking for income, independence and impact – 7:32
  • He shares with us his transitions – 9:40
  • His company’s name: Integrity Financial Group – 12:50
  • JD Hill’s background in the business – 14:12
  • 3 tools to make a decision: Men, model and the money –  17:40

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