How to Make Your Industry Great for You with Steve Gibbs – Episode 94

Steve shares with us practical advice on how to change the way your business is running. He also talks about pressure in business and how to manage it. He tells us about acting from a place of integrity and how important mindset is to flourish your business.

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Show Notes

  • Steve Gibbs’ location and background – 2:58
  • The difficulty of handling pressure in business – 10:45
  • Business Advising is one of those professions where people are looking right away to see if they can trust you – 10:56
  • Recommendations for brand new advisors – 11:56
  • The hardest thing for you to do is exactly the right step to reach your next level of growth – 15:39
  • An adviser has to find as many ways to help people as possible – 16:47

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