How To Overcome Client Objections and Bad News – Episode 79

Hearing bad news or facing rejections from clients is a challenging obstacle to overcome. However, as an advisor you need to be strong so you can lead your clients and guide them towards prosperity.

In this episode Kim and Tammi talk about different methods for strengthening your mindset and how to create observation habits in life so you are more present.

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Show Notes

  • Why mindset is so critical – 1:53
  • Going through hardship strengthens us to give more value to the world –  3:48
  • Why it’s better to accept a “no” from a client than being strung along – 5:42
  • Failure happens to teach us a lesson and learn – 7:12
  • Learning how to use silence in your conversations – 8:37
  • Why observing is a necessary part of learning – 10:13
  • Co-learning with clients – 15:39
  • Take time to reflect and handle the situation from humble confidence – 17:05

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