How to Save a Decade of Struggle with Shane Butler – Episode 42

Shane Butler shares a wealth of information and insight to help advisors understand the positive impact of the movement and ultimately how to save a decade of struggle in business. Together Tammi and Shane share vital tips that will protect your mindset of success.

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Show Notes

  • Shane’s background – 0:51
  • The importance of sharpening your skillset – 1:59
  • 3 takeaways from a recent event – 3:02
  • How to educate prospects and clients about dividends – 5:12
  • Why whole life is seen as a low risk product – 8:03
  • Whole life experienced the most growth – 10:58
  • The differences of advisors in the movement vs outside – 12:02
  • Are advisors starting to refer to each other and support one another? – 13:18
  • How to save a decade of struggle by being apart of the movement – 15:47
  • Tips to protect your mindset – 18:02

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