An Introduction to the Heubner Foundation

“There is nothing more uncertain than life, and nothing more certain than life insurance.” 

Solomon Huebner 
Huebner Foundation

While there are lots of exciting things to share with clients about life insurance (like leverage and infinite banking), it’s important to bring our attention back to the foundation of life insurance. That is, we must remember that the purpose of life insurance is foremost to create certainty and protection. At the end of the day, insurance is still insurance, and that’s more than okay…it’s a good thing. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we must make life insurance seem like a “sexy” asset in order to sell. Yet there are merits that insurance has all on its own. The savings and banking function of insurance is great—it’s part of what makes it “even better,” as we like to say. Yet it’s enough for someone to want to insure their life and income simply to have protection. Moreover, it’s a good thing to encourage clients to think about protection and certainty, and how they can create more of it for themselves. 

The Huebner Foundation is one of the oldest resources for life insurance education, and one that reminds us why insurance exists in the first place. The foundation itself was established in 1940 in Pennsylvania, and now makes its home at Georgia State University.

While it’s certainly fun to read and enjoy books like Becoming Your Own Banker and Live Your Life Insurance, we would like to pose that Solomon Heubner’s books are also essential reading for any life insurance agent. 

Life Insurance as Risk Management

You can access Solomon Huebner’s many books on life insurance in the foundation’s digital library. The books have an older perspective on life insurance as risk management, which still have relevance today. These books are full of wisdom that you can share with your clients that may aid in education on topics ranging from protection to leverage. 

Here’s just one of the profound quotes from Heubner’s books:

“At age 30, a sum of $9,332 computed at 4% interest would be required to produce an income of $500 per annum for 35 years, which is the life expectancy of a person age 30. The capitalization of the value of a human life for the benefit of the household depending upon it is a fundamental duty that should be given the widest publicity through the pulpit, the school and the press. By removing a load of care from the mind, life insurance promotes efficiency and makes life happier; for this reason, life insurance should be regarded by the average man as one of his most treasured possessions, and premium payments should not be looked on as merely as an expense to be grudgingly born. It may safely be stated that the possession of an adequate amount of life insurance causes the average policy holder to eat better, sleep better, feel better and, as a result of those, to work better.”

Improve Your Understanding of Insurance

“While property may never burn, death is sure to occur eventually and death, therefore as such, cannot be insured against, it can only be provided for.”

No matter your personal reasons for selling life insurance, the Heubner Foundation can be a powerful resource. We’ve found that while many advisors are phenomenal wealth strategists, the knowledge of Solomon Heubner can complement your growth in understanding risk management, asset protection, and peace of mind.

Of course, life insurance is a powerful savings and wealth-building tool. Yet, let’s not forget that the cash value is an attribute that simply makes whole life insurance an even better option. Life insurance, on its own, is a powerful thing for any individual to have. We encourage a well-rounded view and understanding of whole life insurance as an asset that serves many purposes for many people. 

You can learn more about the Heubner Foundation here

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