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Identifying a Chokehold that Keeps You from Achieving Your Goals (Part 1) with Patrick Donohoe – Episode 161

Patrick Donohoe talks about something that he is experiencing within himself in his own business. Patrick has identified a chokehold that may be preventing you, as an advisor, from achieving your potential in the industry. They explain what that chokehold is, and the difference between a psychological and a mechanical win, so make sure you stay tuned and enjoy!

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Show Notes
  • The idea of never-ending improvement – 1:22
  • Improving the quality of the business – 1:39
  • The key to growth: accepting where you are – 2:20
  • The importance of having a system and structure behind a product – 2:57
  • Focusing on the product – 3:43
  • Understanding your own psychology – 4:42
  • A Louis Vuitton example – 5:40
  • Knowing clients’ preferences and what they need – 7:07
  • How to be better communicators – 9:07
  • Getting clear on what your story is – 9:53
  • Telling yourself: Why I am not there? – 10:32
  • Steps to grow your business and understand yourself – 11:21
  • How do emotions affect you? – 13:10
  • Not caring about judgment and other people’s thoughts – 14:14
  • A motivating factor – 15:20

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