Identifying a Chokehold that Keeps You from Achieving Your Goals (Part 2) with Patrick Donohoe – Episode 162

Patrick talks with Tammi about something that he is experiencing within himself in his own business. He has identified a chokehold that may be preventing you, as an advisor, from achieving your potential in the industry. They explain what that chokehold is, and the difference between a psychological and a mechanical win, so make sure you stay tuned!

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Show Notes
  • The importance of getting to know your client – 0:29
  • The psychological game of business – 1:52
  • Understanding the client’s needs – 2:48
  • Helping clients get what they want – 5:15
  • How you understand what a client wants – 6:24
  • We tend to think that everyone is like us – 7:58
  • Learning from other people – 8:33
  • Breaking the ice and reducing barriers – 10:50
  • Being vulnerable – 11:37
  • How do you look at yourself? – 12:50
  • Wanting the same things but with  a different order – 14:07

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