Identifying Your Bullhorn Message and Bullhorn Audience with Kim Butler – Episode 179

Kim and Tammi can help you with identifying your marketing message and your ideal client. They share a story about what the Blueprint process refers to as the “Bullhorn message.” They are going to give you an exercise, a thinking exercise that will help you identify not only your Bullhorn message but also your Bullhorn audience or your ideal clients, the people who really want to hear what it is you have to say. Listen and enjoy!

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Show Notes
  • People who really want to hear what you have to say – 0:47
  • What’s the Bullhorn message? – 1:15
  • An opportunity to attract ideal clients – 1:45
  • Wanting to generate trust – 3:06
  • What are the ideal clients? – 4:33
  • Having a powerful Bullhorn message – 8:01
  • Kim’s experience with a genius message – 9:53
  • What happens when you are inspired by your subject – 13:05
  • The way you can give value to people – 14:11
  • The Bullhorn message is your battery – 14:36
  • Not wanting to lose potential clients – 16:01
  • All you have to do is speak about your Bullhorn message – 17:05
  • What happens when you are with your ideal client? – 19:29
  • Are they ideal for me? – 21:19
  • Ten characteristics that your ideal client needs to have – 2:27

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