How to Improve Your Zoom Game and Foster Connection

As you grow your practice and business, there’s massive potential in the online space. Not only can meeting virtually help you expand your practice to all 50 states, it can also open you up to new ways of connecting with clients. 

If you’re a PEA member, you’re likely familiar with how we use Zoom to connect with our community. It’s useful for one-on-one meetings, larger webinars, work sessions, and so much more. It can even enable you to hire a remote team, which can cut down on physical office costs, and give you a wider pool to find the right team members. 

However, like most business tools, using Zoom is a skill. In the past few years, you’ve probably experienced many types of virtual meetings yourself, of varying quality. This means you probably know what it’s like to sit through a difficult meeting—not because of content, but rather the overall quality of the video, audio, and other elements. 

So we want to help you put your best foot forward on Zoom, or other video platforms, so that you can provide the highest level of virtual service and quality!

Man in white shirt sits at laptop. improving your zoom game.

Improving Your Zoom Game with Your State of Being

One of the most important things you can do, whether virtual or in-person, to improve your meetings is to cultivate your state of being. This means becoming more aware of how you show up when you’re with other people. Your voice, how you’re sitting, where you’re looking, and the way you carry yourself can have a major impact on your interactions. 

Have you ever been in a meeting where you have the feeling that the other person doesn’t want to be there? Regardless of whether it’s true is irrelevant, if they’re sending physical signals that there is somewhere else they’d rather be. You can sense this in other people, and other people can sense this in you. 

While you may sell life insurance, this business is based on relationships. If you want to build better relationships with people, you must present yourself as someone who is happy to be wherever it is you happen to be. 

Your Voice

The way you talk can be a critical indicator of interest. A monotonous speaking voice, for example, can indicate boredom (even if you aren’t bored). Great orators and presenters are interesting to listen to because they practice inflection. This adds interest to their words and can also convey a sense of authority on a topic. 

Practice how you speak or deliver information. If you’re using Parallel Paths—located in our Universal membership—try out different variations in tone. How do you want to be perceived? You may even want to look at examples of speakers you admire. 

Cultivating your speaking voice can help you present yourself exactly how you want to be perceived by clients, and facilitate that relationship. It can also keep people invested in your videos, webinars, and other media. 

Your Posture

How do you sit in your chair? Are you sitting straight? Maybe you lean forward or backward or even rock in your chair. Oftentimes, the way you sit is habitual, or even subconscious. Yet, it paints a very specific picture in someone else’s mind. 

Your actions on camera can tell someone if you’re bored or disconnected from what’s happening, which doesn’t build trust. Investing in a setup that can help you feel more comfortable and sit up straighter can make a vast difference in your meetings. 

Don’t discount the power of presence and the importance of what you convey to your client through that presence. Practice can help you better cultivate the image you want to project so that you aren’t accidentally sending the wrong signals. 

Improving Your Zoom Game with Tools

After you focus on YOU, it’s a good idea to look toward technology and tools that can help improve your virtual experience (and your clients’ experiences). These tools help with your overall “production quality.”

1. Microphone

In this business, it’s critical that your clients or viewers hear you well. If you’re only using your computer microphone, chances are your sound quality is not where it could be. Buying an external microphone can reduce background noise, clarify your words, and strengthen your client’s ability to HEAR you. 

This is Kim Butler’s number one recommendation for advisors who want an immediate improvement in video quality. You can run meetings with your camera off, yet you can’t have a meeting without sound. 

Many external microphones can connect directly to your computer through the headphone jack or USB port. You can usually find a good quality microphone for under $100 by searching “podcasting microphone.” 

2. Camera

The next best thing you can do is buy a new camera. Your computer webcam may be fine, yet external cameras can improve the resolution of your image even further. Additionally, you can place an external camera at a higher angle than you may be able to position your computer’s built-in camera, giving people a better view of your face. 

For an external camera, you often get what you pay for. Be sure to do your due diligence on a camera so that you can get good quality from the onset. 

3. Lighting

Once you have a quality camera, lighting is crucial. Depending on where you record or take meetings, you may not need to upgrade your lighting. Often, having a natural light source behind you, or soft overhead light, can work wonders. However, if your setup doesn’t already have that, you may have to manufacture your own. 

Thanks to social media influencers, lighting is easy. Even casual content creators can get access to inexpensive lighting that can instantly transform image quality. It’s called a ring light, and they’re easy to find almost anywhere these days. 

Often, they come with tripods and phone stands, so you could even film or take meetings from your phone. The best part is that you don’t have to buy anything expensive, as many ring lights are available for around $30. 

4. Background

Next, take your background into consideration. What do you want people to see behind you? You may already have an office setup you’re proud to show off, in which case, full speed ahead. However, sometimes the things behind us can be distracting, or just not visually appealing. If you have a less-than-ideal background, you’re not without options. 

Virtual backgrounds, for example, are a great way to project the exact image you want to project. While Zoom does have some free options you can use without a green screen, most backgrounds work better with a green screen. If you’re serious about using virtual backgrounds, it may be worth buying a screen to place behind you. In many cases, you can buy screens on a tripod, so they’re easy to set up and break down.

The downside to virtual backgrounds is that they don’t play well with long hair. If you don’t want to appear bald thanks to a virtual background, it may be a good idea to look into a folding screen. Kim Butler uses a folding screen in her videos. This creates consistency in her presentation and also obscures the office kitchen behind her. That way, the focus stays on Kim and her message, and not on what’s going on behind her. 

5. Stream Deck

If you’re a presentation buff, or you like to add some flair to your videos, you might want to consider a Stream Deck. This tool allows you to create shortcuts that pull up certain windows or functions. Todd Langford uses a Stream Deck for his Truth Training live streams because it simplifies switching between screen views. The team member running the deck can change not only what attendees on Zoom can see in seconds, but they can also switch out what’s being projected behind Todd.

Using a Stream Deck isn’t necessary to host webinars or run client meetings, however, it can streamline the process if you have a lot going on. We recommend this tool to those who are a bit more tech-savvy. 

Community Growth

While you may not start out hosting events or webinars, we recommend you consider it as you grow. Webinars can be a powerful tool as you build a community of people with a Prosperity Economics perspective. This can help entrepreneurs and others who may leverage whole life insurance to connect and learn from each other, for example. 

Webinars can also help clients learn from you in a more efficient manner. It’s efficient because you can convey your message once to a potentially limitless audience. Additionally, you can use Q&A time to help answer questions other people may be thinking, yet too afraid to ask themselves. Eventually, this can help more clients open up and learn. 

Here are tools and functions of Zoom that can help you make a one-to-many connection.

1. Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms, which are a function of Zoom, can be a great way for webinar or meeting attendees to talk amongst themselves. This builds community, fosters connection, and gives people a smaller platform to discuss their questions and insights. 

Learning how to use breakout rooms can be a game-changer, depending on the type of community and content you want to build. 

2. Livestreaming

You can also use Zoom to live stream webinars straight to other platforms like YouTube or Facebook. This can help you reach a wider audience and stay top of mind with your people. Livestreaming is not a function available directly through Zoom. Instead, you must install an app or plugin that is compatible with Zoom to do so. You must then set up your account to live stream, and next time you host a meeting or webinar, you’ll be ready to go.

3. Recordings and Repurposing

Another great way to build your community and create more engagement is to repurpose your recordings. Zoom allows you to record meetings and webinars directly to the cloud or your computer. You can then edit your recordings with your favorite video editing software. 

The uses here are potentially limitless. You can, for example, take a three-minute snippet of an hour-long meeting and post it to YouTube to share for free with audiences. If it’s a recording for a community, you can post a replay for your clients or community members to access at a later date. You may choose to record an explanation of a concept on Zoom, which you can include in a training program for clients. The recordings function can even be used to record podcasts since you can extract and use the audio. 

If you choose, you can even make transcripts of your recordings and use that content for future social media posts, newsletters, and blog content. 

4. Zoom Learning

If you’re committed to becoming proficient in all things, Zoom, it’s worth checking out the “Zoom Learning Center.” Zoom has compiled videos to teach Zoom users how to use the platform more effectively. You can watch footage to become proficient in broad concepts such as “Zoom Events Administration” and “Engaging Your Audience,” or more specific functions like “Zoom Audio and Video Basics.” 

Foster Connection for Your Community

We believe that everyone has a community of like-minded people just waiting to hear their message. You are no exception! Learning how to be more effective on a virtual conference platform like Zoom can help you connect with your community at a deeper level and build out your business on a national scale. 

Want to continue your growth, connect with a community of advisors like you, and get the support you seek? We invite you to join our community of Prosperity Economics Advisors, and our mission to help more people achieve true financial freedom. We have three membership levels, beginning with our free Honorary membership, designed to connect you to valuable resources for scaling growth. 

Don’t know where to start your journey? Contact our community caregiver, Janet SIms. With 30 years in the business, Janet has a wealth of knowledge and insight that she so graciously shares with our community. You can email her at

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