Income Related Benefits To Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone – Episode 148

The amazing financial and income-related benefits of stepping outside of your comfort zone will be the topic of today’s episode, as our hosts Kim and Tammi explain why doing so may bring you incredible results, so stay tuned to find out how to step out of yours and start seeing the results.

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Show Notes

  • Unfavorable circumstances – 1:49
  • The Christian Science Monitor weekly – 2:29
  • Discussing an article about the California fire – 3:57
  • A hot work day – 5:03
  • Why are we not pushed to grow? – 7:13
  • Taking on challenges – 7:44
  • Kim shares another life story – 8:00
  • Find a way to challenge yourself mentally and physically – 9:16
  • You always have to challenge yourself – 10:06
  • Taking one little step a day – 10:33
  • Getting out your comfort zone – 11:22
  • Setting a goal for yourself – 12:15
  • Do what works for you – 13:58
  • Kim tells us that “comfort” does not have to be a goal – 14:57
  • Tammi shares some stories about the comfort zone – 17:41

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