Insights From A Prosperity Economics Movement Leader with Patrick Donahoe – Episode 125

In this special edition of the Advisor Advantage podcast, Tammi talks with Patrick Donahoe, one of the leaders of the Prosperity Economics Movement. He talks about his vision for the movement and the integral part that the advisors play in within the movement.

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To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement

Links and Resources from this Episode

  • Connect with Patrick

Show Notes

  • What Patrick sees as the objective of the movement – 3:10
  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is new to the industry – 4:56
  • How the mindset requires structure – 6:49
  • The importance of having standard systems and procedures in the movement – 8:20
  • The ideal participant and client for the movement – 10:29
  • How the feedback they received from the Summit is vital for the movement – 11:46
  • The understanding of missions and principles help strengthen the movement – 17:15
  • The importance of aligning your life with your values- 20:40
  • Create strategies to help people find what they are seeking – 22:29


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