Investments Don’t Hug with Mark Bertrang – Episode 31

Mark Bertrang created an impactful way to connect with people by sharing his client stories through a book he wrote called ‘Investments Don’t Hug’ which can be found as a book and audiobook.

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Show Notes

  • Mark’s background – 1:25
  • The process of writing his book – 3:15
  • One of his favorite chapters he wrote about – 9:35
  • How he plans on using this book with marketing and clients – 11:32
  • The philosophy of “doing good” – 13:13
  • Money gives you a lot of choices – 16:30
  • How advisors should purchase the book – 18:59
  • The struggle of writing a book – 21:35
  • Mark’s new commitment – 23:04

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