Is AI Something to Fear?

AI, artificial intelligence, is ai something to fear?

AI is a new and rapidly growing technology that has many enthusiastic adopters, and many people scratching their heads. There seem to be just as many people convinced that it’s the future as there are people worried it’s going to wipe out their career path. We love new technologies and believe that it’s incredibly important to stay informed on what’s happening so that you can adopt early and make use of these incredible tools. This doesn’t mean overnight adoption, per se. For now, it could simply translate to staying informed. Ask questions like, who is using AI, and how? What industries are benefitting from AI? How can I partner with AI to become more efficient?

Is AI Something to Fear?

There’s less to fear than you might think. AI has been around for longer than you might know. In 1935, Alan Turing was making great strides toward AI, and the first successful AI program was written in 1951 by Christopher Strachey. Between now and then, we’ve been using AI chatbots, playing chess with AI, and using it to auto-enhance photos, create filters, and correct spelling and grammar. Only in the last year or so has AI really exploded in a business sense.

And while many are wary of the future with AI, we think it’s something to be embraced. AI can never be human. It will never understand the human experience, or what that means. Therefore, humans will be needed to manage and oversee AI programs, regardless. The nature of your work may shift over time, but your relevance will not.

What AI can do is help you be faster and more efficient, so you can find more time in your day for what matters. Partner with AI to create sophisticated solutions so that you can be more productive and excited about our work.

Unique Abilities and the Blueprint Process

If you’ve attended our events, you’ve probably heard us talk about Strategic Coach or The Blueprint Process. These are both programs that help you identify and work within your strengths that are unique to you. Strategic Coach calls these your unique abilities, and they are what make YOU the ideal person for the job that you do. You can also use the Blueprint Process to identify the tasks that energize you and those that don’t. And guess what? Those things that you dread doing or want to get off of your plate SHOULD be outsourced. And there’s either a human or a program that can help you do that.

The idea is that one day, all that remains on your work “plate” are tasks and activities that you absolutely love.

Want additional reassurance? Here are 4 reasons that Dan Sullivan o Strategic Coach believes that AI won’t replace you, or any other human.

AI is Reactive

AI works through pattern recognition and compiling what is known. It can grow and develop by being fed information and learning how humans interact with it, but it cannot innovate. And it can only use past data to create outputs. There’s no way for AI to guess or know the future, and while humans don’t know either, we have the ability to CREATE the future. AI needs us to operate.

It’s Not Human

As we mentioned, AI isn’t human. While it can approximate, it can never truly speak to the human experience. AI works best with humans to guide it, and it acts as a unique support tool for us. There’s no creativity and spontaneity in AI the way there is in humans, so it can never be superior.

The Future is Human

While AI technology is on the rise we aren’t creating a future for AI. We’re creating a future for humanity. Not only are we actively working to create a future fr each other, but all 8 billion of us are collaborating to make the future as we speak. AI can be useful as we do this, but it cannot and will not do that work for us (or without us).

Possibilities Are Endless

While AI can certainly predict trends and make guesses at the human trajectory, progress doesn’t happen in a straight line. More than that, life is surprising, and things don’t happen the way we expect. Life is collaborative, remember? And we don’t always know what contributions will be made by our 8 billion peers. AI won’t always know either.

What Can We Bet On?

What we can bet on—every time—is that humans are unique, and have unique skills they bring to the table. We are creators and innovators, and the world is counting on us. AI can be an assistive tool on that journey, but we shouldn’t fear it taking what it cannot ever have—human relevance. Cultivate your strengths and surround yourself with people who do the same, and you’ll see those fears quickly erased.

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