Know Who You Are And Figure Out Your Gift To The World – Episode 151

Perseverance, courage and commitment, three elements that everyone needs to possess in order to steer their lives into the direction they want, and to that end on today’s Advisor Advantage Podcast, Kim and Tammi discuss two books: “Grit” by Angela Duckworth and “The 4 C’s” by Dan Sullivan, Both of which had a profound impact on their lives.

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Show Notes

  • The 7 Principles of Prosperity Economics: Think, See, measure, flow, control, move and multiply – 1:35
  • The June Summit for advisors – 2:35
  • Grit, a book by Angela Duckworth – 3:01
  • The importance of finding a “calling” –  3:41
  • Perseverance in a time of uncertainty – 4:42
  • How you can serve the world and other people – 6:30
  • Living an extensive life needs Grit (perseverance) – 6:49
  • A story of Kim’s daughter – 7:30
  • Grit is what it takes to persevere – 9:50
  • Dan Sullivan’s book: The 4 C’s – 10:17
  • Developing courage – 11:00
  • What we do matters – 12:27
  • When you believe in yourself, the impact you make is huge – 13:42
  • The commitment as the first C of Dan Sullivan’s book – 14:09
  • Adopting the idea of giving first – 14:46
  • Knowing who you are, attracts your ideal client to you – 16:22

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