Learning From Others – Episode 281

Never underestimate the importance of learning from the people around you. If you are open to learning from others, you can benefit from their experiences and inherit their wisdom and knowledge.

Tammi and Kim unpack how important it is to learn from others. Kim shares the value of dealing not only with humility but asking others for help. They also talk about whether it is okay to ask people without offering any payment or whether should money be involved with any aid you’re getting.

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Show Notes

  • What Kolbe means
  • Why Kim is an initiating quick start
  • What she wants people to take from the conversation today
  • As an entrepreneur and understanding that value typically costs money, how can you deal not only with humility but also in asking for help without necessarily paying for it?
  • Is it okay to ask people for help without offering money?
  • What prompted Kim’s message

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