Learning is Self-Confidence – Episode 282

How many times have you heard that having more self-confidence is the key to a better understanding and quick progression on everything that you’re working on? Believing in your own skills and capabilities can help you gain that “can do” rather than “can’t do” attitude whatever and wherever you are.

To emphasize the importance of learning self-confidence, Tammi and Kim first talk about what imposter syndrome is. They share how the growth mindset can aid you in getting a much better result and being more self-confident. Tammi and Kim also discuss what the highest form of self-confidence is and how it can help you overcome imposter syndrome.

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Show Notes

  • What people will get out of today’s inspiring podcast
  • What the imposter syndrome is
  • The important message from the book by Carol Dweck 
  • How the growth mindset helps you get a much better result
  • What the highest form of self-confidence is
  • How you can be self-confident
  • How you can prevent the imposter syndrome
  • About the prompt 
  • How learning takes you to new levels

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