Learnings From Attending the Prosperity Economics Movement™ Events with Kim Butler – Episode 272

What makes the Prosperity Economics Movement™ Event unique?

In this episode, Tammi and Kim sit down and talk about the Prosperity Economics Movement™ Event. Tammi shares the learnings she had from attending it again face to face and the expectations one can have when attending Kim’s business event. Kim also cites down the topics discussed during the shows, as well as the bits and pieces that anyone can pick up and add to their practice to start growing up as an individual.

To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement™


Show Notes

  • What to expect when attending the Prosperity Economics Movement™ Events
  • Is repetition valuable when learning new things?
  • Why the study of being and the study of language helpful for advisors who are wanting to move their business forward
  • What speed of transaction is
  • What does it take to be growing
  • The benefits of attending business events

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