AA 020 Kim Butler and Dan Sullivan

Life Insurance: It’s All About the Process- Dan Sullivan – Episode 020


In this episode, Tammi Brannan introduces Kim Butler and her guru Dan Sullivan. They open the floor on key concepts of how to become a successful whole life insurance advisor. The main conclusion: it’s all about the process.

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Links in this Episode:

The Summit – www.TheSummit4Advisors.com

Dan’s Sullivan’s Strategic Coaching: The Multiplier Mindset

Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
00:52 Kim Butler and Dan Sullivan
01:09 Dan works and coaches industry leaders
01:47 Game changer advising
04:51 Advisors should have a thinking process that they market
08:00 Creation of Universal Life Insurance
09:21 Life insurance changed from over 1,000 to less than 30 agents- the ones who stuck around were focused on whole life insurance
13:41 US & Canada could strip commissions like UK for insurance agents
20:48 Product, Service, Experience
22:23 The most important part of buying the insurance is the experience and process
23:08 Why do you work for free?
24:41 History of the process change
25:00 Characteristics of changing the game
26:53 Understanding how clients operate
31:25 Keep the conversation open-ended, not linear
32:00 How to create enormous value in yourself to the client
34:09 The importance of silence
35:05 Industry transforming vs. Game-changing
40:04 Value of attending events/ workshops
43:20 Get the client thought process down on paper
46:54 Difference between machines and humans, answers and questions
49:00 Dan Sullivan has more life insurance than anyone