Life Settlements with Kevin Nichols – Episode 48

Kevin Nichols is the managing partner at Penumbra Capital Management and has been involved with the movement and has attended The Summit for several years. He is a leading authority with life settlements and has an easy to understand presentation so advisors and clients can understand this alternative investment.

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Show Notes

  • How advisors can move forward with alternative investments – 2:42
  • What makes Penumbra and their alternative investment different – 5:26
  • Why advisors don’t need to be experts at life settlements – 8:05
  • Who owns the policy? – 10:42
  • The seller pays all fees – 13:02
  • How people become aware that they can sell their policy – 14:09
  • The most commonly used growth vehicles outside of life settlements – 15:18
  • How this is benefiting the sellers and removing a possible burden they may have – 18:02

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