Living Your Dream with Jordan Adler – Episode 37

Jordan Adler is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and motivator. He had a massive turnaround in his life that is nothing short of a remarkable story. As he speaks you’ll hang onto every word he says especially while he shares his fool proof process for creating an amazing life. Get ready for a burst of inspiration and enthusiasm into your life.

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Show Notes

  • Jordan’s background and history – 2:05
  • How advisors can overcome lack of belief – 5:19
  • The power of writing down goals and believing in self – 7:14
  • Trust in the process – 11:07
  • The “dream barrier” and how to overcome it – 12:46
  • Following the rules vs trusting the process – 14:44
  • His 4 Step fool proof formula for success – 15:22
  • Better Than Beach Money is his new book – 18:58

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