Making Taxes Fun, Easy and Understandable with Tom Wheelwright – Episode 34

Tom Wheelwright is a self-proclaimed tax nerd who’s goal is to make taxes fun, easy and understandable. He’s known Kim Butler for 20+ years and has been involved with the movement helping advisors for several years.

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Show Notes

  • Tom’s background and history of his company – 1:13
  • Why Tom loves to speak on stage and be around entrepreneurs – 3:53
  • His goals goal is to make taxes fun easy and understandable – 6:14
  • Understanding the tax advantages and benefits with life insurance – 7:55
  • The tax laws are in place to encourage behaviours – 10:12
  • Why you want to make the government your partner – 11:45
  • How to use taxes as a selling point as an advisor – 15:53
  • The #1 question he gets about taxes – 17:52
  • Because you can’t change the tax law, learn how to use it – 21:45
  • Are you looking at taxes as an expense or investment? – 22:59

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