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Making Your Work More Entertaining with Steve Savant – Episode 123

Ever wished your job was more entertaining? Then you can’t miss this episode as we are joined by Steve Savant, a syndicated financial columnist and host of the show “Let’s Get Down to Business”, who has provided invaluable help to the insurance industry during his career.

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Show Notes

  • Steve’s Background – 1:05
  • Steve’s role in the industry – 1:49
  • Video as a groundbreaking tool – 3:19
  • Finances are not always entertaining – 3:45
  • How to make it entertaining – 5:02
  • Reaching the younger audience – 7:46
  • Articles worth reading – 12:36
  • What the future holds – 15:34
  • Securing consumers – 16:53
  • An educational program – 18:23
  • Value and Impact first – 19:39
  • Getting in touch with Steve Savant – 21:07
  • The Importance of taxes – 22:35

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