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Back when Kim Butler was a “typical” financial advisor, she was growing increasingly disenchanted with the industry. She could no longer tolerate subjecting her clients’ assets to stock market risks and other questionable, speculative investments. So, Kim decided to leave her thriving practice and founded Partners for Prosperity on the principles of Prosperity Economics.

She, along with her husband Todd, created a vision to expand the connection between financial advisors across the nation who are using Prosperity Economics principles and strategies. This connection provides support while giving them a chance to learn with and from one another, rather than working in isolation.

Now, we’re inviting you to become a member of The Movement! How do you know if Prosperity Economics is right for you?

Your invitation-only access to the PEM membership area includes:

How do you know if joining The Movement is right for you?

Do you…

Desire to create a virtual business that attracts the right clients and allows you to do your work primarily online and by phone?

Feel like you’re constantly defending yourself as a life insurance agent trending to fend off an onslaught of negative propaganda?

Crave access to a tight-knit group with similar perspectives on financial advice so that you can pool your knowledge?

If this sounds exciting to you, then you are in the right place!

Before you join The Movement, we expect that you know what Prosperity Economics is about and accept our:

  • Values, Code of Honor, and Tenets
  • PEM Resolution of Conflict Method using “3 Steps to Truth” listed below.
    • Step 1: Acknowledge there are no contradictions (Ayn Rand)
    • Step 2: Check Your Premise
    • Step 3: Prove Your Premise

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