Are you Getting Enough Clients?

If you resonate with Prosperity Economics and are ready to make leaps in client acquisition, expand your online platform, master marketing that works, and surround yourself with a wise, generous, and committed community then it’s time to join TRANSFORM!

With financial institutions, Wall Street, and talking heads all adding to the massive amount of misinformation the average person is inundated with everyday, it’s no wonder that as a truth-seeking, whole life-friendly advisor you may sometimes feel like you’re all alone and fighting a battle you wonder if you can ever win.

You can win. You MUST win.

The Truth is…it’s NOT Going to be Easy

Let’s face the facts, we are up against some seriously well-funded, committed, and sometimes ruthless opposition.

They want things to stay as they are. They embrace and protect the status quo. It benefits them to make you wrong and they have tremendous resources to keep their ubiquitous, noisy narrative going.

Whether it’s the Wall Street machine, Big Banks, and other financial conglomerates; media talking heads or financial “entertainers;” they have a vested interest in making sure things don’t change. But, change is always inevitable—even when it seems impossible.

The World Has Shifted

You’ve probably noticed that things are dramatically different these days. People are no longer content to sit idly by while being spoon-fed what to believe. They no longer blindly trust the institutions they used to have faith in their whole lives, and millions no longer want to be told what they should do with their money.

The nation is in dire need of a financial reset. People are hungry for a true path to wealth, prosperity, and freedom. They are being told to continue to do the very same things that have brought them pain and in many cases, ruin.

They are ready for something better, and YOU can deliver it to them.

The Prosperity Economics Movement Has Wings!

Back when Kim Butler was a “typical” financial advisor, she was growing increasingly disenchanted with the industry.

She could no longer tolerate subjecting her clients’ assets to stock market risks and other questionable, speculative investments.

Kim decided to leave her thriving practice and founded Partners for Prosperity on the principles of Prosperity Economics.

She, along with her husband Todd, created a vision to expand the connection between financial advisors across the nation who are using Prosperity Economics principles and strategies. This connection provides support while giving them a chance to learn with and from one another, rather than working in isolation.

And so, the Prosperity Economics Movement was born!

The Prosperity Economics Movement was set up as a non-profit 501(c)(3) because Kim and Todd knew from the beginning this was much bigger than the two of them.

The Movement is about starting a REVOLUTION!

The Prosperity Economics Movement has been educating and building a community of advisors who resonate with its principles through its flagship event, The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors. The event has grown every year and The Movement’s momentum is getting more powerful every day.

Advisors Are Asking for More

Advisors who resonate with Prosperity Economics sense the opportunity before us. They know that there is a crack in the door; existing conditions are changing; the facade is cracking;

the “beast” is wounded and vulnerable.

But, how can we amplify the good news that we bring? How can we elevate our message above the din of a still powerful machine?

By getting bigger and stronger together as a COMMUNITY!

We have decided to take the next step and create a membership portal exclusively dedicated to advisors, agents, and other professionals committed to growing their businesses and influence through The Prosperity Economics Movement.

How do you know if joining The Movement is right for you?

Do you…

Desire to create a virtual business that attracts the right clients and allows you to do your work primarily online and by phone?

Feel like you’re constantly defending yourself as a life insurance agent trending to fend off an onslaught of negative propaganda?

Crave access to a tight-knit group with similar perspectives on financial advice so that you can pool your knowledge?

If this sounds exciting to you, then you are in the right place!

Membership Brings a Long List of Benefits…

Joining The Prosperity Economics Movement Membership is so much more than simply being a part of another membership site.

We believe that power comes through clarity, commitment, and strong values and principles. More importantly, we believe that power comes through COMMUNITY.

Together we will continue to grow The Movement and its influence on the starving people of our nation who are hungry for financial TRUTH.

Your PEM Membership will give you the tools, resources, and support to grow your business so that you can help more people.

Here’s some of what you can expect as a TRANSFORM member:

  •  Access to Content 4 Clients, a content marketing resource membership where you’ll have access to countless articles, reports, and other content pieces created exclusively for Prosperity Economics Advisors to use in their business! | VALUE: $2,497
  • Members-only monthly webinars on business building and best practices. | VALUE: $1,200
  • Use of our Back Stop Succession Plan that will give both you and your clients complete peace of mind regarding their financial care. | VALUE: $1,750
  • Access to President and CEO of Paradigm Life, Patrick Donohoe’s Advisor 2020 online training course. | VALUE: $997
  • An Open Office Hour Monthly Call with Kim where you can bring questions. | VALUE: $1,300
  • Free Kolbe Profile, which will give you valuable insight into how you get things done so that you can become more productive. | VALUE: $49.95
  • Use of our very own SendOut Cards campaign templates so that you can get up and running quickly staying in touch with your clients. | VALUE: $350
  • One ticket to The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors with paid-in-full membership or after 6+ months of continuous membership. | VALUE: $1997+
  • Guest tickets to The Summit at only $1,797 (discount expires 90 days prior to the event.) | VALUE: $600
  • Exclusive dinner and meeting during The Summit (Transform members only) | VALUE: $200
  • Access to dozens of hours of video from past Summit events. | VALUE: $797+
  • One ticket to Truth Training (Truth Concepts™ Software event) with paid-in-full membership or after 6+ months of continuous membership. | VALUE: $1,995

The total value exceeds $15,984.95 but perhaps the biggest benefit not even mentioned above is the incredible COMMUNITY.

Think about what the increased interactions with Kim, Todd, and Patrick will mean in addition to the core group of serious, wise, and generous advisors ready to brainstorm and contribute on so many levels.

You’ll never feel alone again!

What can one idea, one interaction, one change mean to the prosperity of your business and your ability to make the kind of impact that you want?

PEM Transform membership is $650 monthly. You have a full 30 days to give Transform a try.
If you don’t love it, we will refund your investment. You can cancel anytime.