Mindset with Kim Butler – Episode 291

In this episode of the Advisor Advantage Podcast, Kim Butler shares her experience of not being at her best during an important client meeting and how she quickly adjusted her mental state before the meeting. Kim discusses the importance of mindset and how she uses breathwork, spiritual practices, and mental techniques to shift into the right headspace within a short time. Also, she discusses the importance of being authentic with clients, especially when feeling less than perfect, and how practicing techniques and immersing oneself in their business community can lead to success. Lastly, she emphasizes the significance of continuing their journey of personal and professional growth by attending events, webinars, and training sessions.

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Show Notes

  • Kim shares her personal experience with adjusting her mindset quickly
  • The role of breathwork and spirituality in shifting mindset
  • Tony Robbins’ priming exercise and other physical methods to change mindset
  • Kim’s spiritual approach of praising rather than pleading for help before a call
  • The importance of posture and standing up to improve mindset and engagement
  • Being authentic and transparent about your current state with clients
  • The importance of consistency in the parallel paths approach to improve results with clients
  • Embedding important concepts and tools into your practice through repetition and training

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