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Mission and Vision Behind the Prosperity Economics Movement – Episode 164

Kim Butler and Tammi Brannan talk about the mission and the vision behind the Prosperity Economics Movement. In the last episode, they talked about “The Magic Of Thinking Big” and explain how the Prosperity Economics Movement is an example of thinking big. Having a mission and vision in your business helps you on the road to greater results, so stay tuned and enjoy!

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Show Notes
  • The importance of constantly talking about the mission and vision of your company -1:53
  • Ideas for sharing The Prosperity Economics Movement – 3:10
  • Identifying the mission of The Prosperity Economics Movement – 3:38
  • Applying the mission daily – 4:28
  • Talking about a higher purpose – 5:12
  • Learning, Applying, Creating, and Impacting – 6:24
  • Vision as the connection between all financial advisors – 7:10
  • The 12 Principles of the Prosperity Economics – 8:07
  • Vision, Mission, and Purpose – 10:52
  • Magic of thinking big example – 12:30
  • Where is your vision? – 14:00
  • Could be a recession: do not participate! – 16:16
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