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Mission and Vision Behind the Prosperity Economics Movement (part 2) – Episode 167

In this three-part series podcast, Kim and Tammi talk about the About page at the Prosperity Economics Advisors website. If you are a member of the Prosperity Economics Movement or considering becoming a member, Tammi and Kim highly encourage you to go check out this page. In the second of the three episodes, they talk about the purpose of the Prosperity Economics Movement and the values that all member advisers adhere to. Part one was episode 164, this is part two about purpose and values, and in part three Kim and Tammi will be talking about other elements from the About page. Enjoy!

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Show Notes
  • Purpose and value of the About page – 1:29
  • Prosperity Economics Movement Purpose – 2:03
  • Does retirement work? – 3:18
  • Shifting your mind and having an expansive lifetime – 3:38
  • Working with clients about their purpose in life – 4:16
  • Living with a sense of purpose – 5:03
  • An example of purpose and action – 5:44
  • Helping advisors have a different mindset of work and retirement – 7:24
  • Preferring preparation over planning – 9:20
  • Protection over risk tolerance – 10:45
  • Understanding the meaning of protection – 11:24
  • Talking about creation over consumption – 12:05
  • Creation of values – 13:49
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